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Below is a brief list of some of the workshops and presentations Nanz offers.  Please use the contact form below to get more information and to book Nanz for your next event.  View the current Workshops and Presentations Calendar here. New topics and additional technique workshops are constantly being developed, please contact me for more information!

Available Workshop Topics

Cold Connections for Stone Setting

Riveted Gemstone pendant

Book this workshop from 1 to 3 days. It will focus on the potential of cold connections as design choices for stone setting. Students will learn to make and integrate tabs, rivets, pierced bent-finger prongs and staples into gemstone setting for jewelry objects. Explore the use of cold connections for integrating fragile and non-traditional materials into your jewelry making. Faceted as well as cabochon stone setting is covered.

Etching Without Acid

Etch plates of nickel and brass

Book this workshop for 1 to 2 days. Learn this family and pet safe way to etch copper, brass, and nickel in your home or studio without acid! Experiment with different resist applications for metal etching. Discover the best application tricks for PnP (Press and Peal) blue paper resist. Students need to bring an old cell-phone recharger to recycle for use in this class. Class kit provides PnP resist, copper panels, etching container, alligator clips, and wire.

Roll-Printing & Hydraulic Press Workshop

Roll printed and Hydraulically pressed Locket

Information covered in this 1 to 3-Day workshop is creating roll-printed metal for jewelry applications and the special considerations of soldering, forming and finishing objects made from printed metal. Plus an introduction to using the hydraulic press with matrix dies, disk cutters, and dapping blocks. Jewelry making applications such as hollow form beads, small boxes, and lockets will be demonstrated.

Wax Carving and Lost Wax Casting

Carved Wax and Lost Wax cast ring

Book this 2 to 3-Day workshop for a focus on planning and carving hard wax for jewelry designs. Using an elegant by-pass ring as a learning tool, students gain basic skills for executing 3-dimensional wax carvings. Wax build-up techniques with an electric wax pen and an alcohol burner is included. Students are encouraged to experiment to create their own designs in wax. Waxes are then sprued, invested, burnt-out and cast. Class time is allotted for final finishing of cast projects. 

Epoxy Resin Workshop

Epoxy resin, watch part, steampunk, bracelet

Book this exploration of this versatile material. Students will learn to capture photographs, drawings, or layer found objects in clear resin. Resin coloration and windowing techniques are covered. Manufacturing techniques for cleaner final results, pre-polishing, and finishing tips will be presented. Workshop can be 1 to 4 days.

Gold Applications

22 karat gold spiral earrings

Explore the possibilities of gold recycling in this 1 or 2-day workshop. Students should come prepared with their old, broken, and mismatched gold jewelry items so they can learn to identify karated gold and prepare it for recycling. The techniques of casting ingots, drawing down wire, soldering with gold, and the Korean technique of Keum-boo will be taught.


Masters In Gold

Masters Gold Book Cover

Nanz provides a 50 minute Power Point presentation based on the new Lark book "Masters In Gold." Covering 40 of the major, contemporary, jewelry Artist working world wide, this lecture focuses on the current leaders in the studio jewelry movement in Italy, Japan, Germany, England and the Americas. Beautiful images of the artisans work often spanning their careers is featured.

Making It In Metals

Roll printed and Hydraulically pressed Locket

In this 50 minute lecture Nanz outlines the career paths, options, and educational facilities available to current students in high school, college metals programs, and alternative education. Additionally, information on incorporating professional development resources and promotion planning for established craftsmen is presented.

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