Presentations & Workshops

Nanz Aalund in her WorkshopBook Nanz for your next event. Whether you're offering a 1-day event or a weeklong workshop, Nanz is a valuable addition to your list of presenters.

Additional Services

  • Purchase Gems


    For over two decades I have worked with diamond and colored gemstone suppliers to provide exceptionally beautiful and rare gemstones for my jewelry designs. Let me put my connections and expertise to work for you. Contact me with your gemstone requests and budgetary concerns and I will work to find you the gemstone to fit your needs.

  • Facilitate Your Next Jewelry Purchase


    Art jewelry not your style, no problem. Do you want a ring like Princess Di? I can find that for you too. I have worked with finished jewelry manufacturers across the country and can find jewelry designs that are very traditional and elegant. I know what to look for in quality made jewelry and how to spot poorly made versions with synthetic gemstones. Contact me with your desires and I will provide the high quality, precision made, jewelry you require. 

  • Gold Recycling


    Do you have gold or platinum of your own or from a departed loved one that you are not using and are not sure what to do? I have worked with precious metals refiners for over 25 years and can facilitate the environmentally safe recycling of your metals. Because of the Patriot Act many refiners are not willing to deal with individuals that are unknown to them. My experience and history of business with refiners allows me to provide recycling services to you. Contact me for futher details and arrangements.

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