New Workshops Just Added!

As I am working to prepare for my upcoming gallery show at CORE Gallery (117 Prefontaine Place S., Seattle WA), which will be for the month of November, requests keep coming in for me to teach more workshops. Here is the workshop line-up for this fall and winter so far.

Saturday & Sunday, November 16th and 17th: Cold Connections for Stone Setting at Danaca Design Studio in Seattle.

In this skill building workshop, participants will master the 4 basic rivet styles and 2 styles of tabs for making prong settings. Participants will then apply those cold connections to make pendants or earrings. Circle cutter, hydraulic press, dividers, brass slide gauge, and two styles of hammers will be demonstrated. Flex shaft and bur use will be stressed for easy stone setting.

Beginning jewelry level skills are a prerequisite. 
(Class Kit provides CZs, cabochons, setting burs and metal).

Here Niobium hemispheres are set “sandwich” style with tube rivets

Saturday, December 28th: Etching Without Acid at Danaca Design Studio in Seattle.

In this ONE-DAY workshop you’ll learn this family and pet safe way to etch copper, brass, and nickel in your home or studio. Discover the best application tricks for PnP (Press and Peal) Blue paper resist. Students need to bring their own old cell-phone charger to recycle for use in this class.
(Class Kit provides copper, etching container, alligator clips and wire)

Sunday January 12th thru the 18th, 2014: I will be a guest instructor at the Florida Society of Goldsmiths: 2014 Winter Workshop in New Smyrna Beach! I will be teaching a blended workshop of Epoxy Resin Embedding & Etching without Acid.

Epoxy Resin Embedding will cover using epoxy to create open-bezels for a stained-glass effect, preparing & embedding objects, and the safe handling & coloring of epoxy resin. Students need to be able to solder independently to make their own bezel cups and frames for holding the epoxy. Students may also bring their own objects for embedding.

During this workshop I will be debuting my Framing Mandrels to assist participants in creating open bezels in many different shapes. Like these soft squares used for my 7 Jewel Movement bracelet.
While we are waiting for the epoxy to set-up, class participants will learn acid-free etching.

Etching without Acid will cover a galvanic etching process that uses a cell phone charger and salt-water to produce an etched on copper, brass, or nickel. This process does not etch Sterling, but an etched brass or nickel plate can be used for roll-printing onto copper or silver sheet stock, or as a texture plate for metal clay. Deeply etched 18-gauge copper sheet can be used as decorative metal stock in many projects. Students will be provided with copyright free designs to use as etching resist or they may bring their own designs. Students should bring their own old cell phone charger to use for this class. The deeply etched 18-gauge copper sheet can then be used with colored epoxy resin for additional effects.

Lab Fee $ 25.00

Additionally, I am working on developing Heart, Teardrop, Daisy, and Kidney shapes for my Silhouette (Matrix) Dies and would like feedback on these shapes. Pre-orders for these shapes will soon be available at my Etsy store. Please let me know what you think via my email, on Face Book, or thru Etsy.

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