Workshop With Heart!

Print and Press workshop premiered at Danaca Design Studio this last weekend with great positive students and wonderful results. 

We used brass texture plates that were etched back in the December 28th, Etching Without Acid workshop. New students couldn’t stop asking “how do you etch without acid?” to which I had to answer “that’s for another class.” I felt the nearly uncontrollable urge to divulge all – but it would have taken away from what we were there to do! So, we jumped right in learning how to roll-print without stretching the texture plate or damaging the rolling mill. Because as anyone who owns one of these expensive pieces of equipment knows, the last thing you want to do is over tighten the rollers when roll-printing! Everyone was able to print multiple unique textures on the 4 (each) 20-gauge copper panels that were provided with the class. I even let Jen use my spiral etched steel texture plate for some of the silver she brought to class.



Each student not only made a bunch of material to take home and work with, they also each made a Swivel Locket in their own shape and patterned metal! Beautiful lockets ladies!

Using the new shapes I am introducing for my silhouette dies, the students were introduced to Hydraulic pressing of patterned metal. Tear drops, puffy hearts, daisy and star pillows were pressed with shape enhancing patterns on the metal. My clear acrylic silhouette dies allowed the ladies to select the most interesting part of each roll-printed pattern and not risk the dreaded and metal wasting blow-out.


We also used the Bonnie Doon retaining box with the overwhelming result being that the pressing was much crisper with less pressure when using the box as apposed to not using the box. Good to know! So, while the whole city of Seattle was packed into the sports arena or sports bars to watch football, we participated in a workshop with heart! Mimi got this amazingly lovely “China red” heat patina totally by accident. Next up on the calendar is the 3-D filigree workshop on Feb. 22 & 23. Which I am sure will be just as much fun!

Thanks everyone!

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