Metal Metaphor Meditation

Perhaps because of my dyslexia I have always been driven to pursue answers to existential questions. What is real? How do I find purpose, trust, happiness? How do I not allow fear to rule my life? To find answers I have studied the written works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Lao Tzu, and Chief Sitting Bull of the Lakota. I’ve also studied Alchemy, Quantum Physics, the Tarot, and the Bhagavad Gita. But as a dyslexic this research, often requiring multiple re-readings of complex text to gain comprehension, has been a time consuming and difficult undertaking. Worthwhile, but difficult.

By contrast – what I have found out about manifestation is that it’s not as difficult. One can think of it like making a piece of jewelry. When you start there is nothing, maybe some raw materials and an idea – nothing more. First there is contemplation of ideas (meditation), then one can sketch (journaling or mind mapping), and consider possible construction plans (intention and implementation), finally you use your ideas and plans to successfully make the piece.

Thought through intention and action manifests into the material world. For good or bad, conscious or unconscious, the same is true for manifesting pretty much any thing, any situation or circumstance. For most people they allow their unconscious negative self-talk to do the manifestation. Unfortunately, I am not immune to that either.

OK. So, how does all the positive outpouring of supportive energy from friends and family play a part? Hint: It is not about ego. If your desire is for your work to be helpful to others, this is indicative of an altruistic spirit and that is powerful. In this jewelry related metaphor, this positive outpouring of supportive energy could be visualized as the flame of a torch, and you have a wealth of fuel for this torch.

Continuing with this metaphor, what do we use a torch for? The energy of a torch flame anneals the work-hardened and fatigued, restoring its flexibility and malleability. It facilitates the melding, restructuring, and joining of different parts to make a new whole.

Think of it this way, the whole structure of your life is as malleable and has as much plasticity as the metal you form. If you wanted to put this theory of manifestation into practice, as an experiment, you could actually just think about a change or project you would like to see happen while you are manipulating a piece of metal. (practice on something small to start, baby steps) Visualize the transformation of that exterior project as taking place with each hammer blow, annealing, quenching. You do not have to know how the project will all work out, you just work the metal with the metaphorical intention of resolving/changing/creating the solution/outcome you would like. This in itself is a form of meditation on manifestation.

Then see what happens. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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